Chat Des Rues studio is a digital and physical studio for art, collectibles, and NFTs
We create our designs on digital media and transfer them into the physical world.
We create our digital and physical art with innovative technologies and worldviews.
Our physical collections include both physical and digital limited editions created by our elite art team, headed by our Art Director Maayan Bachar.

CNFT CORE CLUB serves as the brand’s club card and gives its owner discounts, benefits, and access to club content and events. The amount of tokens of this type is limited to 10,000 coins only.
CNFT annual member club is an annual membership
Identified through the purchase of this coin which contains contractual value.

Holding this coin gives its owner:

Initial access to the drops of the fashion house at floor prices (whitelist).
Purchase of fashion and art items at a fixed discount of 20%
Participation in all cultural events and closed parties of the club
Entry to fashion shows and auctions of unique collectibles
Entry to gala evenings and social gatherings for club members only