Home for the arts and specializing in fashion, digital and video art, paintings,  jewelry design and more. Based in Haifa, Chat Des Rues lives in an aesthetic of Pop and Street art.

We are drawn to a type of art that portrays a message and presents a challenge to tradition. While we extract inspiration from street art, we look for art that desires to make a statement about the society we live in. The use of symbols and icons as motifs, duplications of pieces, bright and loud imagery are all things we strive to portray within the Chat des Rues brand.

The Chat des Rues brand is for people who strive to live in style. The art we want to exhibit can be integrated into all aspects of life. Whether hung up on a wall in your home or printed on an exclusive clothing design or accessory, all integrated under our brand. We are the home for luxury pieces, high end art, digital and physical gallery, as well as a service to help other artists evolve their own brand.

The Studio

In Correlation with the gallery, we have a professional studio that produces high quality Digital Art, as well as production via 3D Printing in order to produce Casting Molds to bring the art to life.

For Clients

In addition toone-of-a-kind and valuable art, we offer our clients that may not have much knowledge about the process of investing in CryptoCurrency, who are interested in purchasing NFT, trading services. For those clients, we offer support and accompanying in the process of NFT purchases. The Gallery offers solutions for selling previously made NFT purchases.

Our Artists

We search for Art, both traditional and innovative, that is bold, both in colors and compositions, as well as in the message they portray. Paintings, sculptures, digital art, video art, fashion, textiles and more are valid pieces we desire to add to our collection. If you are an artists or designer that feels you can fit into our brand, please reach out, we would like to represent you.

For our artists, we offer:

  • Integration into NFT art, with blockchain certification.
  • Production of High End art inspired merchandise.
  • Features on our Social Media Platforms, i.e. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Team of Curators.
  • Printing and Sculpture Production services.
  • Promotion, Public Relations and Sales.
  • Digital and Physical Exhibitions.

Our Social Activity

One of the most meaningful actions the Gallery takes is in the Social and Public aspects.

We make sure to Fundraise quarterly in collaboration with big Comercial Entities for great causes. We feel that this action is vital and the forefront of the Gallery’s operation in order to spread light and fulfill our vision of giving back to the community in which we live.


Wanna be one of our artist?